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EVF Froth Pump Features:

Exelns EVF Vertical Froth Pump

The latest generation of froth pumps on the market  are the EVF series pumps. They are ideal for the transporting of slurries with lots of froth, especially for slurries in the flotation process. The EVF series vertical froth pumps have been designed based on the most recent advancements in technology, both at home and abroad.

At a glance:

  • Capacity: to 330m3/hr
  • Head: to 30m
  • Liner Material: Metal
  • Pump Type: Vertical

Design details:

  • Suitable for transporting slurry with froth, especially for floatation processing.
  • Can eliminate the froth in a running slurry and operate normally, even if the feeding slurry is not enough.
  • The feeding suction in the tangent line can accelerate slurry transporting and eliminate part of the froth.
  • The belt and pulley are easy to be altered in order to change speed, according to the working conditions.
  • Interchangeable wet parts are made of special alloy, rubber or other wear-resistant materials, according to the slurry properties.

Typical applications:

  • Iron ore dressing plant
  • Copper concentration plant
  • Gold mine concentration plant
  • Molybdenum concentration plant
  • Potash fertilizer plant
  • Other mineral processing plants
  • Other industries

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Pump at a glance

Maximum Suction:
Max Flow l/sec:
Maximum Head:
Solids Handling:
Priming System:

Pumpset dimensions

Dry weight:

Materials of construction

Pump Casting:
Suction Cover:
Air Seperation Tank:
Bearing Bracking:
Pump Shaft:
Wear Plates:
Mechanical Seal:

Design details

Pump Description:
Suction Flange mm:
Delivery Flange mm:
Nominal Casting Thickness mm:
Solids Handling Size mm:
Operating Speed:
Maximum Head m:
Maximum Capacity l/sec:

Fuel consumption

Fuel Capacity Ltrs/US Gal:
Fuel Consumption:

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With the growing requirement for the remote monitoring technology, Sykes is pleased to announce the release of our latest "innovative solution" the Web Based Pump Monitoring System.
This system allows for real time remote monitoring and control of your dewatering pumps which is available over the nextG or satellite network.
It is as simple as visiting the website and entering your unique username and password.
This will then give you instant access to all of your registerd pump sets, providing live readings and a working history at your fingertips.

Product Support

Exelns slurry pumps are produced with strict supervision by our quality control personnel, which encompasses foundry, machining, assembling and testing. Every single part is marked and recorded from foundry to finished product. An impeccable quality control department and strict procurement are fundamental to the production standard of our high quality products.

Genuine Parts

For parts, please contact us at 1300 ALLIGHT.

If the slurry is really special in property, customised impeller materials are available.

Term Life

These pumps are manufactured using:

  • Scientific design based on hydraulic theories.
  • Strict manufacture procedures and specialized QC personnel.
  • Various materials for different applications.
  • Long service life.

Maintenance info & packages

The world’s best-regarded water management brands are united by a common vision - they’re engineered and built to make mining and construction projects safer and more productive while being sensitive to the environment.

Our flagship water management brand, Sykes/Primax has been a major force in the world’s auto-prime pump market for over 40 years.

Much of its success reflects its cleverly designed priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements. A ‘snore’ facility built into its ground-breaking auto-priming pumps, for example, means they can run dry without damage for extended periods.

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