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Our flagship water management brand, Sykes/Primax has been a major force in the world’s auto-prime pump market for over 40 years. Much of its success reflects its cleverly designed priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements.

A ‘snore’ facility built into its groundbreaking auto-priming pumps, for example, means they can run dry without damage for extended periods.

Sykes Contractor Low Head

  • True self-priming pump
  • Suction lifts of up to 9m
  • Efficiency levels of 83%

Sykes High Head

  • Dry Self Priming
  • Operates in 'snore' conditions
  • Suction lifts to 9m

Sykes Extra High Head

  • Pumps prime automatically
  • Solids handling
  • Simple to service

Sykes Yakka

  • QS’ silent canopy design
  • Tubular side/end protection 
  • Quality accreditation ISO 9001

Sykes Medium Head

  • Pump efficiency (77%)
  • Excellent suction lift capabilities
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Sulzer Submersible Pumps

  • Submersible Drainage
  • Sludge Dewatering Pump
  • Automatic Phase Correction

Impulse Piston Pumps

  • Piston pump end
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Long service life

Exelns Slurry Pumps

  • Slurry pump solutions
  • Heavy duty
  • Simple to service
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