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Mobile Lighting Towers

The science of mobile lighting has sat at the heart of the Allight brand for more than 20 years. From worldwide headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, design, engineering, procurement and assembly teams produce almost 3,000 lighting towers a year

Powered by either a CAT or Perkins engine, each tower features the world’s most reliable components as well as a unique mast design and light assembly which makes sure the maximum output reaches your work platform for optimum productivity and safety.

MineSpec LED

  • Refuel every 2 weeks
  • Fully bunded
  • Extra low voltage (DC)

MineSpec MH

  • Heavy-duty suspension
  • Toughest mining conditions
  • Highwall overhang capability

SuperSkid LED

  • Refuel every 2 weeks
  • Full bunded
  • Extra low voltage (DC)


  • Integrated Safety
  • Powerful LED Light
  • Smart Controls


Heavy-duty alternator 1,950,000 to 2,280,000 Lumens Hydraulic, telescopic 12m mast

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