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MDVN71AP Features:

Clean, compact and reliable, Rotair’s MDVN Series of portable compressors offers a free air delivery range of 74 to 251 cfm to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the field requiring constant, dependable compressed air for powering tools.

  • Two-stage air filter for engine part.
  • Combined radiator allowing both compressor oil cooling and engine liquid cooling.
  • Air/oil separator filter, highly oversized, can guarantee an excellent air/oil separation.
  • Pneumatic control system, ROTAIR production, to automatically adjust engine revs, depending on the air to be delivered.

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Compressor at a glance

Free Air Delivery:
Operating Pressure:
Minimum Working Pressure:
5.5 bar – 78 psi
Temprature Range:
50°C – 122°F
Max Engine Power:
47 kW - 63.9 HP
Noise Level:
< 98 LWA

Compressor dimensions

1650mm/5' 5"
3540mm/11' 7"
1600mm/5' 3"

Engine details

Perkins 804D-33
No. Engine Cylinders:
Engine Aspiration:
47 kW - 63.9 HP
Max Engine Speed:
Min Engine Speed:
Cooling System:
Lubrication System:

Compressor details

Minimum Working Pressure:
5.5 bar – 78 psi
Screw Compressor:
Twin screw, 1 stage, oil cooled
Compressor Cooling System:
Air / Oil
Oil Cooling Capacity:
13 Litres
Approx. Air Outlet Temprature:
40°C – 105°F above ambient
Outlet Valve Configuration:
2 x 3/4” + 1 x 1”
Battery Capacity:
12Vcc - 760A - 100Ah (EN)
Tire and Rim Size:
Tow Hitch:

Fuel consumption

Fuel Capacity Ltrs/US Gal:
92 Litres
Operating hrs @ 100% Load:

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Optional Equipment

BS Sand Blasting version

One extra air cooling radiator and one condensate separator filter, keeping the water produced from the thermic exchange of the radiator.

Optional Equipment

Air Compressed Heater

Possibility to set outlet compressed air temperature.

Optional Equipment

Tool Box Carrier

Installed at the rear of the compressor.

Optional Equipment

Line Lubricator

Allowing the lubrication of pneumatics tools, wide range of settings for the oil percentage in the compressed air.

Product Support

Selling you an air compressor solution isn’t an AllightSykes goal. It’s our starting point. We understand that you need to be able to rely on fast, fuss-free genuine parts and service and warranty back-up long after your compressor has started doing its job.
That’s why our genuine Parts and Product Support teams are on hand to make sure you can access qualified, professional and highly skilled technicians when you need them most.

Genuine Parts

We’re proud to be Australia’s exclusive supplier of Perkins engines, Rotair compressors and FG Wilson generators - and take our responsibility as the representative of such world-class manufacturers, very seriously.

Term Life

The MDVN compressors are direct transmission and without step up gearboxes. This ensures reduced wear of the screw set, minimised noise output, no overheating, greater fuel economy and improved energy productivity.

Maintenance info & packages

  • Extended Service Contract

    For added peace of mind, you can purchase an Extended Service Contract with your product. Our service centres offer total engine and equipment overhauls - from basic top end work to total rebuilds - and a range of general preventive maintenance and service options to suit your equipment and applications. You can choose three, six or 12 month checkups or have an individual schedule customised to suit your exact requirements.

People You Know. Brands You Trust
Exclusively available through AllightSykes, the high quality Italian-made Rotair compressors are compact, quiet, cheap to run and easy to maintain. They’re available in air output configurations from 74cfm to 424cfm ex stock and larger units up to 900 cfm made to order. They are the compressor-of-choice throughout Europe.

Designed and manufactured in Italy and supported throughout Australasia via the AllightSykes branch network, Rotair brings a refreshing new name and range of options to the rotary screw compressor market.

The rapid growth of Rotair products in many key markets outside Australasia reflects the quality and reliability of the clever patented air-oil filtering process and ground-breaking screw system. It means that despite being compact and quiet, the units can easily match the output and reliability standards expected of the market’s more mature brands.

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