FG Wilson has been building and installing generator sets for 50 years with over 600,000 units in applications worldwide.

Secure, reliable and cost effective, FG Wilson range of generators, available at AllightSykes, delivers unsurpassed quality where continuity of power is critical.

We offer the flexibility to provide you with power solutions to the exact configuration you want, when you want.

And of course, our countrywide specialist service centres and support partner network will ensure that your enterprise keeps running smoothly, without any interruptions.


P7.5 to P22 Enclosed Models

P7.5 to P22

Offering a wide selection of prime and standby models at both 50 and 60 Hz for all applications.

6.8kVa to 22kVa
Fuel Optimised

P22-6-CALG36 Enclosed Models


Powered by either an EU Stage IIIA Emissions compliant engine for emissions regulated territories.

Min Rating 24kVa / Max Rating 26kVa
Robust steel constructed base frame

P33-3 CAE Enclosed Models

P33-3 CAE

New levels of quality with a fresh design offering optimum performance, durability and serviceability.

Min Rating 30kVa / Max Rating 37kVa
Fuel Optimised


P50 to P220 Enclosed Models

P50 to P220

Whether it be prime or standby, this range has open and enclosed sets for any type of application.

45kVa to 220kVa
Fuel Optimised

P275-3-CALG Enclosed Models


This cost-effective generator delivers a powerful performance with world class power density.

Min Rating 250kVa / Max Rating 2​75kVa
60hr Fuel Tank (Standby @ 100% Load)

P375 Enclosed Models


Compact and durable, they can easily be manoeuvred into position, whatever the installation conditions.

Min Rating 337kVa / Max Rating 375kVa
80hr Fuel Tank (Standby 100% Load)

P400 to P550 Enclosed Models

P400 to P500

Constructed with heavy-duty steel, ensuring maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

350kVa to 550kVa
Fuel Optimised

NEW CALG-L1 Enclosed Models


The new design acoustic enclosures ensure optimum performance in the most remote locations.

6.8kVa to 25kVa
Extended 1,000hrs service interval

F-Series Open and Enclosed Models


Fuel efficient, easy to operate and fully robust to meet the rigors of your temporary power needs.

60kVa to 500kVa
Fuel Optimised