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Smooth Perkins engine installation for vacuum trailer specialists

Nov 12, 2019

Vacuum Tralier Perkins Engines

We continue to reach new heights! Recently, AllightSykes’ Engine Sales Specialist, Lawrie Warner, was approached by Warren Southee, the owner of Chassis Line. He was eager for an engine solution for his company’s vacuum trailers to power a vacuum pump and pressure cleaner.

After an initial consultation and detailed discussions on the power requirements, specification and application, we recommended a Perkins 1104A-44T 83KWm @ 2,400 rpm as the ideal solution, which was also upfitted with a stub shaft, a bearing side load kit and a Kensho K21 panel.

The initial specification called for a hand throttle cable, and after consultation with Chassis Line and Kensho, a linear controller was used. This required Kensho to make some changes to their panel in order to make this project functional. The Kensho panel with the linear controller adds a much more user-friendly element to the engine.

The result was a smooth installation and a very happy client. Warren Southee commended AllightSykes for providing him with the peace of mind that the stub shaft and side load kit weren’t going to put a lot of pressure on the crank. This milestone adds yet another positive step forward for the AllightSykes team!

Product Line Manager (Engines), David Whincup, comments;

“We are pleased to add Chassis Line to our list of ever-growing happy clients. Our Sales Specialist, Lawrie Warner, worked closely with the customer to achieve a very positive outcome. We delivered a quality Perkins product to the customer’s requirement with a tight delivery timeline through collaboration within the business. At AllightSykes, we can always count on our amazing team to deliver and this was definitely the case here. We placed the client first and look forward to continuing our excellent relationship into 2020 and beyond.”

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