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Yarra Valley Water gets the AllightSykes touch!

Sep 11, 2019

AllightSykes Yarra Valley Water

Recently, AllightSykes attended to a large-scale project in Yarra Valley Water! Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne’s three water corporations, based in Melbourne’s east. There service area covers 4,000 square kilometres and their network consists of around 20,000 kilometres of water and sewer mains. They manage over $4 billion worth of infrastructure and assets and employ nearly 600 people.

AllightSkyes was selected to provide a new standby pump and engine at one of their two waste treatment plants at Craigieburn, a satellite city 26km north of Melbourne.  A QSCP300i pump was selected for this project, it was enclosed in an acoustic enclosure ensuring protection from the elements and minimal noise impact to the local environment. 

After its journey from the AllightSkyes manufacturing facility in Cardiff NSW, the 11.2 tonne pump arrived on a wintery Melbourne morning to the site.  Because there was no rain for several days leading up to the pump’s arrival, this gave us the best chance of getting the pump into position. If the rain had not held off, we would have had to have postponed the lift. 

Before we could lift the new pump into position, we needed to remove of our loan CP250i pump that had been on site while the new pump was being manufactured.  This could not have been done without Yarra Valley Water's maintenance contractor, Ventia. They made it a relatively quick lift to have the temporary pump out and loaded onto the awaiting truck. We would also like to thank the team from State Wide Cranes, a Yarra Valley Water accredited contractor, who did a great job working with everyone involved onsite. 

Just as the temporary pump was loaded, like clockwork, the low loader from Sydney with the new pump arrived.  Now, this is where the first of many challenges would arise. Firstly, the low loader trailer and prime mover was a lot larger than the first truck and the weight of the new pump was more than double that of the temporary pump.  However, with the help of Rob from Yarra Valley Water, he assisted us in guiding the truck into position; keeping an ever-watchful eye out for any ground movement. The team did a great job ensuring safety was put first. 

The AllightSykes team returned several weeks later after the team from Ventia redid all the suction and discharges lines. While commissioning the pump we got to see first-hand, by simulating a main pump failure, just how effective the AllightSykes pump would be when called upon.  Training was provided to the operators who may be called out to bring this pump online.  

With an active history stretching back 30 years as a well-known brand, building reliable, quality products, AllightSykes are the preferred equipment supplier for the largest resource and hire companies in the world, providing the highest levels of service.

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