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New business continues to flow in New Zealand.

Apr 08, 2019

Recently, the AllightSykes team supplied a generator for New Zealand’s leading power generation company. They came to us because we are renowned for supplying reliable standby power. Now, in addition to that successful project, we just completed the supply and commission of a customised FG Wilson P88-3 for that same client.

FG Wilson generator set by AllightSykes

“This new genset is also located at one of their hydro-electric structures. It’s for a control gate, a massive piece of infrastructure that controls water outflow to the downstream facility where the first back-up generator – the FG Wilson P500 – is located,” explained our Technical Specialist in New Zealand. 

The P88-3 generator set is installed about 14 metres below ground level and provides emergency back-up power for the flow control gates. “Water flow is a fundamental aspect of hydro-electric power. It’s vital they always maintain control over the gates.”

“So, choosing FG Wilson as the back-up power unit is a very smart move. Supported by a regular maintenance schedule from AllightSykes, the power and reliability of FG Wilson is legendary,” he said.

After visiting the site and consulting the client, the AllightSykes team was able to modify the standard FG Wilson generator set so that it perfectly suited the environment it was installed in. “Due to limited swing space,” said our Technical Specialist, “we modified the standard doors, so they would easily lift out. Even more, to ensure the unit was fit-for-purpose, we also tailored-fitted some extra electrical components, including an auto-closing motor drive breaker.”

To ensure compliance with current safety standards, the New Zealand AllightSykes team also modified the fuel delivery system to the FG Wilson P88-3 generator set. "Fuel for the engine is delivered from a bulk fuel tank located nearby, so we made it possible for the maintenance crews to remotely monitor and control fuel supply. So, thanks to our custom design, they don’t need to climb down 14 metres of stairs for routine fuel service. Instead, for extra safety and increased productivity, they can fill the fuel from the carpark space far above. Importantly, that means they are not in a confined space when delivering the fuel,” our Technical Specialist detailed.

Ready to supply continuous electrical power in the event of a utility power failure, the FG Wilson generator is powered by a Perkins engine. “FG Wilson gen sets are very durable,” he continued, “driven by the proven power and reliability of Perkins, they’re designed to withstand the toughest environments. Even more, we offer a huge range of optional features and accessories, so we can tailor the design of any FG Wilson genset to meet each customer’s power needs.” 

Learn more about the AllightSykes range of FG Wilson generator sets, or feel free to email our sales specialists directly at

FG Wilson generator set by AllightSykes
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