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Reliable generator sets for remote applications

Mar 20, 2019

As the Australian distributors for FG Wilson, the team at AllightSykes are the local specialists for clients looking for reliable standby power. Even more, we also offer powerful mobile power solutions for any worksite that is off the main grid.

FG Wilson generator set in mining application

“Recently, we commissioned an FG Wilson generator set to provide standby power for one of the largest mining companies in Australia. It was needed to keep their remote data centre constantly online,” explained Wrolf Van Munster from Allightsykes in WA. “This specific genset was perfect for the job due to its size, reliability and economy. The customer was extremely happy with the result,” he explained.

“Another genset we recently supplied was to a leading electrical contractor who looks after WA’s largest bulk grain handling operation,” continued Wrolf. “They required a mobile generator for back-up power in some very remote areas. The trailer mounted genset we supplied can be easily towed to different sites within the Wheatbelt.”

Upon arrival at its destination, it can supply various loads using a choice of outlets, including the CLIPSAL 56 series and Marechal GPO sockets.

“It’s very easy to use. Plus, this reliable generator has a large fuel tank for longer run time,” continued Wrolf.

In addition, the AllightSykes sales team were also approached by another client looking for a generator to power their mobile production sites. They had spent thousands of dollars hiring over the last five years and were looking for a more affordable long-term solution.

“As an alternative to their very high hire costs, we were able to tailor a trailer-mounted generator set to perfectly suit their needs and source a competitive finance deal,” said Wrolf proudly. 

Learn about our full range of FG Wilson generator sets here, or contact Wrolf Van Munster directly, at

FG Wilson generator set by AllightSykes

FG Wilson generator set details, by AllightSykes

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