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Reliable and continuous power generation in NZ

Feb 06, 2019

new zealand generator sets

One of our biggest clients in New Zealand cares deeply about sustainability and the long-term future of their country. Managing about 50% of New Zealand's total hydro storage – across 10 hydroelectric schemes – they reached out to Rob Perry, Business Development Manager at AllightSykes, Christchurch.

“They needed emergency standby-power – to keep local service elements running in the rare event of a mains outage – at one of their hydro generation facilities. Listening closely to their needs, we recommended an FG Wilson P500,” explained Rob.

The FG Wilson generator sets, commissioned in January this year by AllightSykes Service Technician Aaron Clarke, was installed in cooperation with the on-site engineers at a Hydroelectric facility in the Waitaki Valley, Otago, New Zealand.

“It’s a large-scale, well-established hydro project. Operating since 1968, the plant has four 55-megawatt generator sets which provide a total generation output of up to 220 megawatts. On average, the facility generates enough electricity each year for about 107,000 New Zealand homes,” said Aaron.

The hydro generators are the largest in New Zealand, with rotors nearly 8 metres in diameter and weighing 210 tonnes. The dam itself is the biggest dam of its type in New Zealand and the second largest concrete dam in the country.

“Designed to supply continuous electrical power in the event of a utility power failure, the FG Wilson P500-1, 500 kVA Generator is powered by a Perkins engine. It delivers superior durability and offers optimal access for ease of installation and maintenance servicing,” Aaron explained.

“The FG Wilson gen set is an extremely durable and robust unit,” continued Rob. “With superior corrosion and impact resistance, it’s designed to withstand the toughest conditions.”

 “In addition, with FG Wilson, we can offer a range of optional features to tailor our generator sets to meet each customer’s power needs. Just some of these options include acoustic enclosures, customised control and synchronising panels, additional alarms, tailored shutdown procedures, and a selection of exhaust silencer noise levels,” said Rob.

To learn more about our New Zealand Range of FG Wilson generator sets, view out range of generators here or contact us at 0 800 4 SYKES.

new zealand generator sets

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