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Overcoming the waste-water challenge at Abu Dhabi airport.

Dec 05, 2018

The pumping of foul water is always a challenge, particularly when it needs to be pumped a great distance. That was a problem that Abu Dhabi’s new airport needed to solve. They wanted an efficient solution to reliably discharge foul water from the airport’s main office block.

Even more, they also needed to pump waste-water discharge from the district cooling plants (at two different locations) to Abu Dhabi’s main sewer. One of these cooling plants is located at least 4.5km away from the sewer, whilst the other required the waste to be pumped 3.5km.

Added to the challenge was the timeframe: they needed the units for the fast track airport project, so the requested delivery time was an incredibly short 6-8 weeks.

The new airport is a highly prestigious project and so the job needed to be completed quickly and also to the very-highest quality.  That’s why the European-based contractor, Lindenberg, selected AllightSykes.

The team at AllightSykes is renowned for wastewater pumping solutions. 

The AllightSykes Dubai team set to work immediately. Following a detailed scope of the project’s requirements, they recommended  the installation of Perkins driven HH130 pumping units, with 2 pumps per station (one on duty standby-mode).

That means, in total, 4 x HH130i with Perkins 1106D-66TA (168kW) pump sets were delivered and commissioned during May 2017. With stainless steel (SS316) corrosion-resistant pump internals, plus high-head velocity to easily overcome the pumping distance, the heavy-duty and extremely reliable HH130 is perfectly suited for the job.

At each of the two pumping stations, they installed a 48 LPS at 58 M head plus a 56 LPS at 80 M head, with a suction lift of around 5.5M.  Also included were additional options like, rear discharge pipe work, a flow meter, isolation valve and low flow shutdown protection.

Even more, because the pit-water levels can often vary, they also added float switches to run the units on auto mode. One single flow meter was offered per station with custom-designed Y-connector and pipe spools.

Mohamed Abu Khail, Project Manager, Lindenberg-Emirates, was very pleased with the outcome and said that “pumps with solid handling capabilities and SS316 internals was a standout choice. Their superior hydraulic performance and ongoing efficiency offers the client great advantages.  

“A big thank you to the team at AllightSykes Dubai for completing the project in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of our client Abu Dhabi Airport Corporation”.

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