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Oct 31, 2018

If you’re farming fish on a commercial scale - in the tough conditions of the Northern Territory – you need heavy duty, reliable machinery. So when one of Australia’s largest producers of farmed Barramundi needed an efficient pumping solution, they called AllightSykes.

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At the bottom of their breeding ponds – where the big fish are grown to size  – a massive amount of sludge accumulates. So after one population of Barrumundi is removed and sent to market, the pond needs a good clean before a new batch of youngsters go in.

Brett Hansen, Territory Manager WA/NT explained “For this large-scale aquaculture operation, it’s very important for the health and quality of the product that the water is as clean as possible. That’s why a heavy duty pump that can handle sludge – without constantly blocking – is required”.

After visiting the fish farm and looking at the sludgy consistency of the liquid in the pond, Brett recommended a new AllightSykes CP150 pump. With its high-quality design, this powerful, low-maintenance pumping unit is perfect for the job.

“With a full tank of fuel, the CP150 can run constantly for 48 hours straight. Even better, it provides a suction lift of 9 metres, which allows the pipe to easily reach the bottom of these large Barrumundi ponds. And with the ability to handle 77mm of solids – plus a high flow capacity of 120 litres per second - this particular model is designed and constructed for tough jobs just like this one” said Brett.

If you’re business operation is located in the Nothern Territory – or far North WA -  Brett can visit your worksite and provide a quote. Whether it’s a new pump – or maybe a lighting tower or generator - AllightSykes has plenty of stock available for immediate delivery.

For more information, email or visit the location page on the AllightSykes website.

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