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Calm the farm with reliable back-up power.

Sep 28, 2018

Diesel Generator Agriculture

The efficiency of every dairy farm is based on routine. The cows love a regular schedule and they will respond accordingly by producing the best quality milk in the highest volumes. Clearly, for the profitability of any operation, producing a quality product in high quantities is paramount.

With technology advancing, all dairy farmers have become increasingly dependent on electricity. In fact, nearly the whole milking process is automated, with huge rotating platforms for the cows to stand on and suction cups from the cows attached to the vacuum machine. Often, music is played to keep the animals calm and responsive.

Even more, the milk must be immediately chilled to 4 degrees Celsius within massive storage vats. Usually it’s quicker, but the milk can be stored in the farm’s vats for up to 24 hours before collection. So for efficiency of milk supply, it’s essential the daily routine is kept.

That’s why reliable power supply is absolutely crucial. If the cows miss a milking time, the quality and quantity of their milk can be affected for days afterwards. And of course, keeping the milk cool and fresh is impossible without regular power.

In short, loss of power at a milking operation can result in significant financial loss and disruption to the entire operational process. So to ensure a reliable standby power solution, two neighbouring dairy farmers from New Zealand’s Rakia region looked to the specialists at AllightSykes.

Supported by a local electrical contractor from Rakia, AllightSykes assisted farmers’ Marv Pangborne and Tony Thomas to secure their dairy businesses with a prudent risk mitigation strategy: they both installed emergency diesel back-up power.

“After talking to each farmer and closely reviewing their operational needs, we identified the best solution for Marv was an FG Wilson 110kVa. And for Tony, the slightly smaller 88kVa FG Wilson generator was deemed the most appropriate” said Garrin Angel, AllightSykes Product Lifecycle Manager.

“The farmers contacted us because regular milking is crucial for both animal welfare and the financial efficiency of the business” explained Garrin. “If a power outage causes a scheduled milking to be missed, it’s extremely disruptive for both man and animal alike.

“The spoilage of milk is a significant financial risk, especially when insurance coverage may not be available or indeed sufficient to cover the full loss”.

Lack of power is a massive issue for many farmers.

As he worked with the diaries, advising on a fit-for-purpose installation plan for their FG Wilson stand-by generators, it became increasingly apparent to Garrin as to just how important the dairy industry relies on power continuity.

“These dairy farmers are managing highly-automated state-of-the-art business operations and so rely heavily on computer system records, plus electronic tagging and GPS technology to monitor each animal’s productivity, health and farming history.

“So without electricity, the entire operation is jeopardised. Even a quick, short-term outage can significantly affect their long-term efficiency and profitability. To remain a competitive diary business, the need for Diesel powered back-up is essential” said Garrin.

AllightSykes specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of FG Wilson diesel power generation systems. We offer both emergency back-up and prime power applications - not just in the dairy industry, but across the entire farming sector. And we help our clients by providing a professional care plan and regular service schedule.

With a range of robust and compact diesel-powered units available, there’s a FG Wilson Generator Set to suit your needs. Every unit is designed for optimal performance in even the harshest conditions and our design and engineering team can custom-configure your generator to support a range of complex solutions in critical applications.

For more information about our complete range of generators solutions, visit our website or speak to one of our power generation experts on FREECALL 1300 ALLIGHT (1300 255 444).

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