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Just like a Fitbit for your engine.

Sep 05, 2018

Now you can keep your Perkins engine healthy, anywhere, anytime. It’s so simple; just replace your existing oil-cap with a new Smart Cap.  

With the new Smart Cap in place, you then free-download the My Engine App to your smart phone and Bingo! You can now enjoy instant access to your engine’s health.

At your fingertips, you can monitor the hours run, machine location and number of starts. You also receive friendly, accurate reminders about service intervals.

The Cap and App combo does so much more too, like creating a complete service history – including a record of all consumables – and giving you direct access to the official Perkins operators manual.

“The Smart Cap was recently described to me as being ‘like a Fit-Bit for your engine’ and I have to agree” said Lee Shillam, Engines Product Line Manager at AllightSykes Perth head office “it’s the perfect description for this very clever technology”.

Suitable for both electronic and mechanical Perkins Engines, it’s the smartest and easiest way to monitor and maintain your Perkins engine.

“No matter if you have just one Perkins engine at your workshop, or a fleet of Perkins engines spread across the continent, this incredible technology gives you firsthand availability on the status of your engine” said Lee.

Less paperwork and less cost: now that’s smart!

With the free engine app installed on your mobile device (the app is available from Google Play and the Apple App store), you simply connect to the Smart Cap by Bluetooth.

In fact, pairing the App and the Cap is made very simple – once you downloaded the app onto your smart phone, you just scan the QR code that’s on the Smart Cap.

“Utilising a low power blue-tooth crowd source technology the Perkins Smart Cap transmits useful information direct to your smart phone via the My Engine app network, so you can access that info and data whenever and wherever you want” said Lee.

 “You can even set visual or audio alerts if you want, so the phone will actually tell you if your engine needs urgent attention.

“Let’s say you’re visiting Perth, and your Perkins engine is operating remotely in the Goldfields, you can still receive an update on the engine’s health in real time.

“So if your engine is due for a service, you will receive a prompt via the application. This allows you to determine what spares are required so you can better plan your preventative maintenance scheduling. “

 “By using this smart technology, you can avoid serious mechanical failure before the failure even occurs. It has the potential to save your business some serious money, yet the initial cost of the Smart Cap is minimal. And there’s no ongoing subscription fee” said Lee.

To learn more, contact one of our Perkins experts at your local branch today – click here.

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