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A melting pot of nationalities learn more about Sykes pumps

Jun 18, 2018

After many months of meticulous planning by the Dubai team, our first AFRICAN DEALER PUMP TRAINING workshop was a complete success.
By using a clever combination of classroom-based educational activities, plus hands-on workshop training sessions, the highly informative event was held in Dubai over 4 days in mid-May. 
Attracting 15 participants from Africa, Spain, Germany and Australia, the complete success of the event has already inspired the local AllightSykes team to start planning for next year.
For the staff and dealers who attended this year’s event - including four from Sulzer Germany - it was like enrolling into the University of Sykes and studying Pumps 101.
All facets of the famous Sykes Pump assembly was looked at it in precise detail, including general pump application and service maintenance schedules.
After starting the lessons in a classroom-type environment, the participants then got their hands dirty in the actual Dubai workshop with pump assembly training. This immersive experience allowed all to see the whole story, from pump design, to engineering, to fabrication, assembly and service.
Peter Breen, EGM Sales – Africa, was absolutely delighted in both the turn-out and the lessons learnt by all.  “A big thanks to everyone involved” said Peter.
“ I personally would like to thank Chris Obrien and Steve Young – our roving International trainers of excellence from our Cardiff facility. Their combined skill and experience was really appreciated by all involved”.
Peter was also quick to explain that the success of the event was also due to the skill, dedication and knowledge of the AllightPrimax Dubai team.
“I must give a very special mention to Djhoann Acibo for her admin skills, including all the hotel bookings and every other minor detail that she handled graciously and effortlessly”.
“And of course, there was Murtuza, Hari and Crispin for covering off work shop assembly, facility access and product availability. Well done to you all and thank you” said Peter.
With people travelling to the Dubai office from places as diverse as Zambia, South Africa, French West Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Germany, Spain and Australia, it was a melting pot of accents and cultures coming together to learn and share one common purpose.
At the end of the 4 days it was clear to understand why Sykes is the pump of choice in some of the most isolated and unforgiving mining environments in Africa and beyond.

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