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Foul, filthy, fibrous, fatty, bio-sludge…. that's no pumping problem.

Apr 20, 2018

For heavy duty pumps, Primax walks the walk.

When you’re an industry leader, it’s vital to deliver on your promises. That’s why AllightPrimax was asked to deliver two pumps - the trailer-mounted SW100 models pictured - to a major wastewater and biosolids management company in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“As a premium operator in the marketplace, they’re proven performers when it comes to dredging, sewer rehab and industrial cleaning services. So, to stay on top, they choose AllightPrimax to help them deliver” said Darren Coles, International BDM for AllightSykesPrimax.

This wastewater company’s clients include major utilities, municipalities, and industrial companies, which means environmental infrastructure management is one of their top priorities.

“The consequences of non-compliance in their field can be very damaging - it’s important they always get it right. So, when they were tasked with pumping heavy-duty bio-solids, they looked to us for the right advice and the best equipment” explained Darren.

The client was looking for powerful, easily-transportable pumps - mostly for sewer bypass pumping and sometimes trenchless point repair. So with the assistance of William (Will) Hinson, Operations Manager at AllightPrimax, they ordered two Primax Sewer and Waste pumps. “With the non-clog impeller design, they’re perfect for the job” said Will.

 Foul, filthy, fibrous, fatty, bio-sludge…. no pumping problem.

 These types of sewer bypass jobs will typically involve filthy, old lagoons full of sludge and thick with floating fibrous material of all sorts, including long grass and weeds. “With the clever cutter-pocket design and the innovative shredder claw, our pumps handle these jobs very well” Darren added.

 Very happy with the AllightPrimax team’s quick response, Darren received glowing reports from the client. “They’re extremely pleased with the LOFA panels - it easily allows just one trained-operator to keep the machine running safely and smoothly” he said. “With the ability to start and stop the pumps from atop the transport tanker, the driver or operator can reliably control the output of the pump with the touch of a button.”

 “Even more” continued Will “with extra-large on-board fuel capacity – offering hours and hours of run-time between refuelling – they’re extremely efficient pumping machines”.

To learn more about our range of our Sewer & Waste Pumps, and the unique non-clog impeller design, call Darren Coles +1 704 587 3377or email

Two Models SW100 for shipment to local Wastewater Biosolids
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