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AllightPrimax Dewatering Project in Qatar

Jul 14, 2017

Hydroserv is into the dewatering and rental business in Qatar, spreading their wings to other geographical areas like Azerbaijan, Oman, Kuwait and UAE for the last six months. They currently hold a fleet of around 200 plus pumps of different sizes, primarily from BBA Holland.  

During April 2017, they have approached us for a new dewatering project where a high volume dewatering solution was required, with total pumping volume of around 2500 m3/hr. Allightprimax pumping team provided the solution with five CP220i units, each delivering 500 m3/hr with a total dynamic head of 35 M. Our team were involved from the design phase of the system, including the system head calculations and discharge pipelines to production. Out of the five units, two were of acoustic ones to meet the stringent noise requirements, as the project was taking place in the diplomatic areas of Doha. The units have recorded a sound level of 65 dBA at 7 M while testing at our facility.  

The pumps were put into operation immediately after the delivery and are doing a commendable job since then. The high efficiency semi open solid handling stainless steel impeller is giving them a great performance over equivalent BBA units. Additionally, the material is compatible with the pumping media (saline water) which gives them piece of mind as they were regularly facing issues with corrosion due to high salinity.

The Himax Pump is a true self-priming pump so does not require manual priming of the suction line or filling of a priming tank in order to begin its normal operation

“The overall dealings and communications was no different to any other previous projects with Allightprimax. I always felt comfortable and approachable with them for any product/technical clarifications which they responded in a timely manner. These pumps were delivered and deployed on time. At Hydroserve, we always value the quality and the workman ship of the product for which Allightprimax stands out. The whole project was transparent from end to end and was completed smoothly without any hurdles. Whatever Hydroserve opted for during the requirement phase has been delivered as promised. Looking forward to work with Allightprimax on future projects” -reported Barry Sullivan, Hydroserv's Engineering Director.

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