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AllightSykes Integrated Pump Solution

Jun 23, 2017

In March of 2017,  All Coast Recyclers suffered a major flood that destroyed the access road, damaged dam levies and flooded vital plant on site with several machines submerged in water.

AllightSykes pump specialists were engaged to conduct a site audit, cost benefit analysis on hire equipment usage and maintenance expenses to propose a customised pump solution for the client. The goal was to proceed with site installation and construction works to reduce their long-term energy consumption, gas emissions and overall costs.

Sykes YAKKA80 Pumpset

After consultative meetings with the site engineers, AllightSykes recommended a skid mounted HH130i compressor prime dewatering pump with CAT C7 diesel engine. This included a drop discharge c/w geared butterfly valve, no flow shutdown with galvanised engine canopy and S27 enclosed control panel. 

The Pump was required to support a precision screen SRD180 wash plant duty point 50 lps (litres per second) at 70M TDH (total dynamic head), with 75 metres of lay flat pipe that feeds the machine with a designed suction lift of 4m that changed with the dam conditions from 2 to 4.5 metres. In addition, the system could change based on dam levels, location of the wash plant and product being processed.

Sykes YAKKA80 Pump

The HH130 gives the client the capability to upscale their output process for future demand. The ability to remotely monitor the pump, saves operators from accessing the site in extreme conditions which leads to improvements in their safety systems. 

AllightSykes main objective was offer a cost-effective solution, reducing CO2 emissions and maintenance time. By removing two of the three hire pumps on site, which were diesel driven, incorrectly sized with old air compressor and faulty flow meters, the total lifecycle costs will be significantly improved.

Additionally, our project team’s aim was to guarantee water flow to the dewatering machine with no down time. Any stop in production would cost the company $40,000.00 per hour. By designing the HH130i pump with up scaled capability in mind it allowed the site manager to install more equipment with higher production level without interruptions.

Despite the torrential rain, the pipe line cut in time frame went to plan and the pump performed exactly as designed, reporting excellent results. Once the pump ran up to speed the pressure tests confirmed the required duty point was met with a lower fuel consumption achieving project goals. 

The project was closed on the 14th of June with our client extremely happy with AllightSykes technical advice and communication throughout the process. “AllightSykes Pump performance is far greater than expected and the plant is running perfectly. The service support from AllightSykes and the technical team have been great” - reported Clint Cumner, All Coast Recyclers’ Site Manager.

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YAKKA80 Pumpset Sykes YAKKA80 Sykes Pumpset
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