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Allight LED Retro-Fit & Upgrade Option Combats Lighting Tower Fleet Redundancy Nightmare

Apr 16, 2014

LED mobile lighting tower pioneer AllightSykes has launched a Retro-fit & Upgrade lifeline to help users of traditional metal halide towers make the switch to LED without the trauma of asset redundancy.

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The success of LED in mobile lighting applications stems from the huge efficiency and economy gains it brings to mining and construction projects compared with towers which use gas-filled metal halide lamps.

More than 10,000 Allight metal halide lighting towers are operating in mines and construction projects, and for the country’s fleet operators the rapid evolution of LED risks leaving them with product for which there could soon be little or no demand.

The Retro-fit & Upgrade option means rental companies and end users can change to LED even if timing and funding doesn’t allow them to dispose of their traditional metal halide units and start from scratch again.

There are four Retro-Fit & Upgrade options to make sure every budget and timescale can take advantage of the option, and the change-over can usually be funded from R&M rather than Capex budgets.

Powered by a new Perkins 2 cylinder 500cc water-cooled engine, the Allight LED units need refuelling only once every three weeks. Eight HELLA lamps can be mounted on a 9m mast, and the 176,424 lumens they produce provides enough light for many operating areas of a mine or civil construction project. They come with extended 500 hour service intervals and deliver an 18t annual carbon footprint reduction compared with standard metal halide lamps.

AllightSykes Director of Marketing & Sales, Paul Sowerby said:

“Having been in the mobile lighting game for over 20 years, we’ve seen new technologies come and go and understand that the mobile lighting fleets which our customers have today aren’t necessarily the ones they’ll need tomorrow. For many, putting too much risk before any reward just isn’t commercially viable and with the launch of our Retrofit & Upgrade"
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