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AllightSykes is the well-known driving force behind the growth across Australia of FG Wilson; one of the world’s best-regarded generator brands. We are motivated by a single objective - to devise and deliver solutions which make mining and construction projects safer and more productive while being sensitive to the environment.

With over 3000 employees worldwide and 40 years of experience under its belt, FG Wilson is a giant in the diesel and gas power generation space - producing more than 80,000 sets each year.

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Diesel Series

  • Designer to Deliver More
  • Robust steel constructed base frame
  • Industrial silencer

Gas Series

  • Perkins powered units from 240 - 1250kVA
  • Produce lower emissions
  • Less noise

XD Rental Series

  • Galvanised sound attenuated enclosure
  • Spark arresting silencer
  • System 4 alternator
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